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BundlePe Innovations Private Limited is a technology-based brand that combines cutting-edge technologies with our expertise in the core industry to provide end users with a breath of fresh air. We have been introducing one highly demanded service platform after another where people can find their long-awaited services with simple account setup, high profit, and reasonable terms and conditions.

We want to make a digital revolution, inspired by the Government of India’s Digital India Mission and with the problems of Indian users in mind so that our services make people’s lives easier, less stressful, and more enjoyable.

Bundle Pe Innovations Private Limited would like to invite potential investors into the growing national company helping Indian people become more independent using our different services from pay-later options to entertainment streaming.

The brief about the kind of services and products is mentioned in the company’s catalog and corporate website. I would appreciate your management team would take a look at this invitation opportunity put forward by Bundle Pe Group’s board of directors and accept it. Currently, the company has clients, partners, distributors, resellers, and others around India.

What You Are Investing in:

BundlePe: Recharge & Utility Services

BundlePe focuses on providing digital utility services with a guaranteed cashback offer in order to make the services more affordable to a wider range of users.

BundlePlay: OTT Aggregator

BundlePlay has brought most of the major OTT channels under one roof, and one can enjoy them all with a single subscription, thanks to a massive response from Indian users.

LatePe: Buy Now, Pay Later Ecommerce

Don’t suffocate your desires! LatePe will provide you with an easy platform to purchase any product in our portal using our Buy Now, Pay Later feature. It will quickly become every user’s best friend.

AnswerBunny: Question Answer Forum

There will be no unanswered questions! AnswerBunny will be one of the most well-known Question-Answer Forums in the world, with a plethora of appealing features.

As a company, we are looking at growing and becoming one of the major national Companies in many countries across the globe. We see that there is a huge potential and opportunities for the kind of services and products which we offer. The company has a global vision for growth.

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