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BundlePe focuses on providing digital utility services with guaranteed cashback offers to make the services more affordable.

Recharge & Utility Services

Easy to Use with Guaranteed Cashback

Easy to Register

Registering with BundlePe takes only a couple of minutes of your time and some simple steps and Voila!

Safe & Secure

BundlePe offers a completely safe and highly secured utility services for people in India which is easy & hassle-free.

Guaranteed Cashback

We offer guaranteed cashback offers with the services you avail from us at BundlePe, so make sure to enjoy the rewards.

About BundlePe

BundlePe enables users to make free registration in BundlePe from any payment app. The chance to earn cashback on recharge and bill payments and to take out loans as needed allows all our potential customers to sign up in seconds and begin accepting payments into their bank accounts. BundlePe streamlines the payment acceptance process by providing retailers with a single QR code to accept all payment apps in a bundle. We offer a 100% safe payment gateway for our customers for which we are able to build a loyal consumer base.

What Services will I Get?

Know before You Start

Accepting payments in a bundle is now easier than ever for all users, with no transaction fees. We want to be India’s go-to business utility app for all people. BundlePe now offers guaranteed cashback.

Want to Know More about BundlePe?

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We love to hear from our users! Just share your query, and we'll get back to you soon with the most appropriate answer.

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